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MarketKing Changelog

Changelog and version history.

Version 1.7.60 - MarketKing Core and Pro - September 11th, 2023

- New product save UI with different buttons for publishing the product
and saving it as a draft: https://prnt.sc/WeZBTUGOjivC

- Added success messages to settings changes on vendor dashboard

- Added vacation message notification on vendor dashboard main page

- Added “select all” buttons to coupon area, for easier vendor coupon creation


- Updates to the importer for the latest WooCommerce version

- Fixed bug where vendor team members were not able to use the “Clone” button feature.

- Fixed error when displaying vendor store page.

- Fixed issue where subscription-related product and coupon types showed even if subscriptions were disabled for the vendor.

- Fixed bug where trying to add a shipping package tracking resulted in page reload.

Version 1.7.00 - MarketKing Core and Pro - July 6th, 2023

New features:

- Subscriptions module

- Social media profiles


- Improvement to SPMV visibility in AJAX searches

- Compatibility improvement for Woo 7.8.0, “generate variations” button.


- Update for latest WooCommerce Bookings plugin version solving issues in the availability panel.

- Performance fix related to SPMV module

Template Updates:

- Store page update template 1.2.0, supports social media icons

Version 1.6.17 - MarketKing Core and Pro - May 27th, 2023

- Reviews backend bug fix
- Compatibility fix for B2BKing integration update
- Minor bugs and fixes

Version 1.6.10 - MarketKing Core and Pro - May 18th, 2023

- Added ‘Status’ column to vendor dashboard products and orders

- Manual balance adjustments now visible to vendors under ‘Earnings’

- Added ‘total earnings’ widget to earnings dashboard page

- Implemented SweetAlerts on the vendor dashboard

- Added support for Fooevents multi-day

- Added support for Sequential Order Nr plugin by Webtoffee

- Added group setting to force all products to be sold individually


- Fixed bug where all vendors had the same document verification results

- Fixed bug allowing empty file verification submissions

- Fixes occasional issue where visibility cache of products was deleted

- Admin Custom Order Fields fix for 1.16.0 +

- Fixed bug showing ‘You have multiple vendor package products in cart’ error incorrectly.

- Fixed performance bug

Version 1.5.71 - MarketKing Core - April 5th, 2023

- Added support for https://woocommerce.com/products/crowdfunding-for-woocommerce/  plugin

- Added “Copy URL” feature on Products dashboard page.


- Compatibility fix for Astra theme

- Bookings button error fix

Version 1.5.60 - MarketKing Core and Pro - March 25th, 2023

New Features:

- New Bookings module

- Added integration with Admin Custom Order Fields plugin


- Added integration with “FooEvents” plugin.

- Added new setting for “Rules Set Vendor Commission' for Commission Rules, 
in MarketKing → Settings → Commissions.

- Improved Product / Coupon buttons on mobile.

- The plugin will now highlight which products were imported or could not have been imported and why.

- Tables now save visible columns for the current session.

- Added category hierarchy to vendor groups category selection

- Made it required for vendors to choose at least a product when configuring a coupon


- Fixed issue where variable products created by the site admin and attributed to a 
vendor had issues during variation export.

- Fixed commission invoice bug

- Fixed “vendor id” import issue for products without ID

- Fixed issue where shop manager imports in the backend would be redirected to the 
vendor dashboard after finishing.

Template Updates:

- edit-product.php 1.0.4

- manage-order.php 1.0.2

Version 1.5.30 - MarketKing Core and Pro - February 15th, 2023

- Improvements to Stripe orders in backend: added direct link to transaction 
and more error info in order notes in case of failed payments.

- Added ability to quickly “deactivate” a vendor, by simply changing their vendor
group to “no group(inactive)”. When this happens, their store will no longer be visible. 
Their products will remain visible but not purchasable.

- Added customer order notes to the order management page in the vendor dashboard

- Added “Remove Product Tabs” option at the group level to allow removing certain 
edit product tabs for specific groups. Only works for some plugins' and themes' tabs.

- When using “Price based on country” plugin, it will now calculate earnings in the 
default currency of the site by applying the exchange rate, in order to keep calculations correct.

- No stock / low stock email notifications now go to each vendor for their own products.

- Added RTL support to vendor dashboard: 



- Styling fix for WooCommerce Product Add-Ons integration

- Fixed issues with ‘Name your price’ integration

- Fixed bug with SPMV module that did not allow clearing vendors + did not remove product when in Trash

Version 1.5.00 - MarketKing Core and Pro - January 14th, 2023
New features:

- Added "Auctions" module

- Added “Bundles” module

- Added integration with 'WooCommerce Waitlist' plugin

- Added integration with 'Per-Product Shipping' plugin

- Added integration with 'WooCommerce Price Based On Country' plugin

- Added integration with ‘WooCommerce Advanced Product Labels’ plugin

- Added integration with ‘WooCommerce Min / Max Quantities’ plugin 

- Added integration with ‘WooCommerce Measurement Calculator’ plugin

- Added integration with ‘WooCommerce Box Office’ plugin

- New email: "New product requires approval" - sent to the admin
when a vendor submits a product that needs approval.

- New email: "Your product has been approved" - sent to the vendor
when the admin has approved their product.

- New email message: "You have a new withdrawal request" message
is sent to admin when a vendor requests a withdrawal.

- Added option for admin to be exclusive shipping fee recipient
(for cases where admin does the shipping).

- Added new option for 'Commission Invoices'. It is now possible
to enable commission invoices in MarketKing -> Settings,
and vendors+admin can download invoices with the seller's commission. 
Currently only works with WpOvernight PDF invoices.


- "Received" column now added to orders page to easily 
show which orders have been marked as received by the customer.

- The admin user vendor can now buy their own products

- Links in 'order' emails now go to vendor dashboard when vendor not admin


- Fixed issue where emails would not be sent.

- Deprecated functions fix

- Fixed bug with dropdown selections in vendor dashboard

Template Updates:

- Store Page 1.1.7
Version 1.4.55 - MarketKing Core and Pro - December 26th, 2022
- Added feature that allows making specific shipping methods admin-only
(in MarketKing -> Settings -> Vendor Capabilities)
- Better currency handling in vendor dashboard

- Fixed bug where payouts template could not be overwritten.
- Fixed license activation issues
- Fixed jQuery sortable JS error
- Fixed issue where product ownership could get mixed across admin users, leading to wrong split orders
- Fixed issue where sub-orders could not be completed because of payment capture errors.
- Fixed issue where tinymce editor did not load with flatsome theme
- Performance fix for site backend 
- Fixed issue where products could not be added by a vendor to their own store if not purchasable
- Fixed membership packs bug where not all packs would be dispalyed
- Fixed attributes import issue
- Fixed payouts page error bug

Template Changes:
- Fix for reviews in store-page.php template
- Update memberships template to 1.0.1
Version 1.4.42 - MarketKing Core and Pro - December 4th, 2022
- Fixed bug where payouts template could not be overwritten.
- Fixed license activation issues
Version 1.4.40 - MarketKing Core and Pro - November 30th, 2022
- Added '[marketking_vendor_reviews]' shortcode, to allow displaying reviews anywhere on the site.
- Added built-in auto-updates and license verification system
- Multiple subscription products can no longer be purchased at the same time
- Updated URLs with new URL constant for easier template usability

- Fixed bug where store profile menu was occasionally replaced with menu
- Fixed bug where order right sidebar would be occasionally inaccessible
- Fixed error when searching for attributes in vendor dashboard
- Fixed issue with Sumo subscriptions integration where failed orders would still 
amount to a vendor group change
- Fixed issue with review pagination when using base store URL
Version 1.4.25 - MarketKing Core and Pro - November 4th, 2022
- Vendors can now display youtube videos on their about us page.
- Improvements to store url verification during registration
- Product slugs are now based on product names

- Fix for [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode
- Error fix when submitting reviews
- Error fix related to REST API
- Fixed bug where team members were not able to add new products
Version 1.4.10 - MarketKing Core and Pro - October 21st, 2022
- Added compatibility with 'WooCommerce Name Your Price' plugin.
- Additional panel options for integration with B2BKing
- Now possible to disable vendors' ability to sell products on backorder at the group level

- Errors and Deprecation Fixes
Version 1.4.0 - MarketKing Core and Pro - October 12th, 2022
New Features:
- Added 'Store Categories' module, allowing you to organize vendors by custom defined categories:

- Added setting that allows existing users to apply for a vendor account 
(setting in MarketKing -> Settings -> Registration)
- Added option for admin to receive all tax
- Tax now visible to vendors in orders table when vendor receives tax
- Improvements to profile icons in bars and messages

- Fix for [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode
- Fixed product import issue with SKU
- Update with fix for Coupon creation in latest WooCommerce 6.9.4 version

Template changes:
- stores-list.php updated to 1.0.2 (adds support for store categories module)
- store-page.php updated to 1.1.5 (adds support for store categories module)
- sidebar.php (adds support for store categories module)
- profile-sidebar.php updated to 1.0.1 (improvements to profile icons)
- orders.php updated to 1.0.1 (adds support for tax options)
- header-bar.php updated to 1.0.2

Version 1.3.30 - MarketKing Core and Pro - September 30th, 2022
- Fixed issue with product exports
- Minor error fixes
Version 1.3.25 - MarketKing Core and Pro - September 28th, 2022
MarketKing Core and Pro:

New Features:
- Added setting to allow adding store URLs to base URL (e.g. 
 allows direct store URLs such as yoursite.com/walmart)
- Added [marketking_dashboard_header] shortcode, which allows showing the dashboard header
with messages, announcements, profile anywhere on your site.

- Added Vendor ID to WooCommerce Products Importer and Exporter
- Added automated image resizing for faster image loading
- Implemented simplebar for better sidebar scrolling

- Fixed issue where vendors could not connect to Stripe while in Live mode.
- Minor error fixes in MarketKing Pro

Template changes:

- To prevent naming conflicts, MarketKing templates now have to be added under the theme folder
within a folder named 'marketking'. If you have existing templates under your theme folder, 
please create a 'marketking' folder and moved them inside that folder.

OR alternatively, you can allow the previous behaviour (directly under theme folder), 
by adding this PHP snippet to the site:

- Added image resizing functions for better performance to:
-- store-page.php, Store Page template updated to 1.1.0
-- products.php, Dashboard products template updated to 1.0.1
-- stores-list.php, Stores list page template updated to 1.0.1

- Updated sidebar.php, Sidebar template to 1.0.1, implemented simplebar for scrolling
Version 1.3.10 - MarketKing Core and Pro - September 15th, 2022
New Features:
- Added ability to control allowed tags by group

- Styling improvements

- Adds support for WooCommerce 6.9.1 - fixes issue with product type dropdown.
- Fixed issue with displaying 'Store Reviews' backend page in Woo 6.7 and above.
Version 1.3.0 - MarketKing Core and Pro - September 1st, 2022
New Features:
- Introduced Elementor module that allows designing the vendor store page with Elementor

- Vendor dashboard title now follows page title
- Separated product addons as an optional module for vendors - can now be disabled

- Fixed issue with WPML integration and SPMV module
- Fixed issue with changing tab after switching products page (pagination) number 

Template updates:
- Store-page.php updated from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 - minor update, non-essential

Version 1.2.10 - MarketKing Core and Pro - August 26th, 2022
- Creating variations no longer requires saving the product first
- Plugin pages now highlighted in backend -> Pages
- Vendor dashboard favicon can now be configured in setting
- Improved how custom color schemes are applied in vendor dashboard
- Added additional pre-built color scheme options
- Faster backend performance via image preloads
- Improved mobile experience in the vendor dashboard

- Fixed issue where empty products were added in the vendor dashboard, when adding a new product
- Fixed shipping tab bug in vendor dashboard
Version 1.2.0 - MarketKing Core and Pro - August 17th, 2022
New Features:
- Introduced Stripe Connect Split Pay Gateway 
- Added 'Clone Product' option in vendor dashboard for easier product creation
- Integration with QR Codes plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/qr-code-woocommerce/

- Added caching to plugin dashboard data for faster backend performance
- Dashboard UI improvements
- Improved handling of bonus payments
- Attributes can now be configured without saving the product first

- Bug and error fixes
- Fixed dashboard and reports chart draw errors
- Compatibility fix with Flatsome theme
- Fixed commission error related to partial refunds
- No longer possible to make withdrawal requests exceeding balance
Version 1.1.06 - August 6th, 2022
MarketKing Core and Pro:
New Features:
- Added integration with WOOF products filter plugin

- Improvements to Product, Coupon, Team and Order UI in the Dashboard 
- Improvements to Attributes UI in the Vendor Dashboard
- 'Save New Products First' complication has been removed.
- 90% of plugin pages now open with ajax fast loading

- Fixed some linking errors
- Various error and bug fixes
Version 1.1.0 - August 1st, 2022
New Features:
- New module: Shipping Tracking - Vendors can add shipping packages. 
Supports DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, Royal Mail, USPS, etc. and custom tracking URLs.
( https://woocommerce-multivendor.com/docs/shipping-tracking/ )

- Added compatibility with WebToffee Invoicing plugin, supporting invoices, packing slips, 
shipping labels, etc. 
( https://woocommerce-multivendor.com/docs/invoices-packing-slips-shipping-labels/ )

- Improved compatibility with WOOCS in vendor dashboard
- Added [marketking_vendors_list] shortcode, that allows showing a specific group of vendors.
Usage example: [marketking_vendors_list group=862]
- Added support for additional code hooks
- Added support for selected HTML tags in vendor about us page.
- Store list and individual store pages templates can now be copied and edited directly
under the theme (or child theme) folder
( https://woocommerce-multivendor.com/docs/how-to-edit-marketking-pages-templates/ )
Version 1.0.76 - July 23rd, 2022
MarketKing Core and Pro:
- Introduced support for new filters in the vendor dashboard
- General improvements to links display

- Fix for issue where the stores list page was not searchable for logged out users.
- Fixed issue with country / state selector connection in registration
- Fixed CSS issue in products page in dashboard
- Fixed issue where vendors could see products they did not own.
- Fix for directory overwriting templates for child themes
- Fixed issue with the display of order items on the manage order page
- Fixed issue where vendor did not display in admin orders page
- Fixed conflict with Elementor on product page in some situations
- Fixed 'select multiple options' bug for registration fields in backend.
- Fix for Primrose theme
- Fixed error in the vendor dashboard product section related to the Image Gallery section.
Version 1.0.61 - June 21st, 2022
New Features:
- added ability to copy dashboard files to theme folder to overwrite them
- added ability to sync with wp roles
- added [marketking_vendor_product_page] shortcode
- added options to force all products to be virtual (no shipping) for specific vendor groups
- added options to force all products to be downloadable (digital) for specific vendor groups
- added control over if vendors can select multiple categories for a product per vendor group
- added option to control whether vendors can add new attributes per vendor group

- styling improvements and fixes
- fixed my account errors
- bug fixes in MarketKing Core plugin
- fixed attributes configuration error
Version 1.0.35
New Features:
- Added setting at the group level to make all vendor products non-taxable. For example this can 
be useful if there's a group of retail sellers that should not be able to charge VAT
on their products.
- Added compatibility with WooCommerce Product Addons 
( https://woocommerce.com/products/product-add-ons/ )
- Added compatibility with Plugin Republic’s Product Addons Ultimate 
( https://pluginrepublic.com/wordpress-plugins/woocommerce-product-add-ons-ultimate/ )

- Improvements to mobile dashboard displays

- Minor bugs fixes
- Fixed issue where vendors could see other media items not belonging to them
Version 1.0.2
New Features:
- Added compatibility with WooCommerce PDF Vouchers plugin
- Added integration with YITH POS plugin: orders placed via POS for products that belong to 
multiple vendors are split into multiple sub-orders.

- Fixed single product multiple vendors array_merge query error
- Fixed minor errors and notices
Version 1.0.0
Initial Release
MarketKing is a product made with passion by SNP Digital, that we are constantly developing, supporting and improving.
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