Abuse Reports

MarketKing has an "Abuse Reports" module that allows your marketplace customers to easily report products that appear suspicious. This can be for a variety of reasons: spammy products or descriptions, fake items, malicious links, etc. It's a great tool to enable your customers to help clean up the marketplace from malicious actors.

The module can be enabled via MarketKing -> Modules

When this module is enabled, logged in users (only) will see a small "report abuse" button beneath each product.

"Report Abuse" button

Once this button is clicked, it opens up a message area where the user can provide the reason for their report.

Once submitted, users will see a confirmation that their report has been received.

In the admin backend, the admin or shop managers can review all abuse reports in the dedicated panel under the MarketKing menu item.

Abuse reports in the admin backend

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