Vendor Badges & Achievements

The vendor badges module allows you to configure and display specific badges on your vendor's profile page and product pages. Badges can serve to highlight vendor achievements. You can connect specific badges to specific vendor groups, or individual vendors, to achieve complex setups. For example, you can have membership package subscriptions and grant exclusive badges automatically to vendors that purchase certain subscription tiers.

Vendor Badges in Product Page Details
Vendor Badges in Store Page (here only the top 4 badges will show)

Badge Configuration

Badges are configured in MarketKing -> Badges (requires the badges module to be enabled).

Badge configuration panel

You can choose which groups, or individual vendors the badge applies to, as well as choose specific conditions and rules.

List of Badges

Available conditions are:

  • Total Sales Value (across all vendor orders). For example, you can use this to automatically award a badge when a vendor reaches $100,000 in total sales.
  • Total Order Number. For example, you can use this to award a badge to a vendor when they reach their 1000th order.
  • Registration Time in Days. For example, you can use this to award a badge to a vendor when they reach their 5th year since registration.

Badge Usage Examples

  • Badge for vendors that have reached $500,000 in sales.

The above configuration will ensure that the badge is awarded automatically to all vendors of the groups selected, when they have reached the respective total sales number.

  • Awarding a badge when a user has been successfully verified.

In this case, you would verify a user by using our plugin's verification module. At the end, after you have manually verified the vendor's documents, you would go to the verified badge, and select the vendor in the "Applies to Vendors" box:

Caching and Performance

Badges use an in-built caching system, which refreshes every 24 hours, so that badge calculations do not affect site performance in any way. Some calculations (such as determining if a particular total sales value has been reached), can be performance-intensive. That's why MarketKing uses a smart cache system to determine whether there have been any changes to a vendor's badges, and will usually refresh badges and run calculations once a day.

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