Advanced Shipping

Through the advanced shipping module, MarketKing allows each vendor to configure their own shipping methods, by zone, applicable to their own products.

Shipping in MarketKing Core

In the free MarketKing Core plugin (without the advanced shipping module), all orders will use the shipping methods configured by the admin in the WooCommerce settings page. If a user chooses a particular method (e.g. Flat Rate), then all suborders of that order (if it's an order that contains multiple vendors) will use that same method.

Commissions and costs are split proportionally based on product value, and based on commissions settings.

Advanced Shipping Overview

The advanced shipping module can be enabled in MarketKing -> Modules.

Advanced Shipping Module

Once this module is enabled, each vendor will find a dedicated shipping section in their vendor dashboard settings where they can control available methods by zone. Users will see, and be able to choose shipping options by vendor.

Different Shipping Options by Vendor

Shipping Backend Settings

The shop admin must add the 'Vendor Shipping' method for each zone, in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Shipping. Only if the Vendor Shipping method is added, can vendors configure their own methods for the zone.

Backend shipping settings available to the shop manager

The admin can also force vendors to accept a particular method, by adding it besides Vendor Shipping within that zone. In the above image, the 'Flat rate' method is enabled, and all vendors are forced to offer that method.

However, since 'Vendor Shipping' is also enabled, vendors can also add their own methods for the zone.

Vendor Shipping Settings

To configure their own shipping methods by zone, vendors must go to their vendor dashboard -> Settings -> Shipping, where they will find all zones that have 'Vendor Shipping' enabled.

Shipping zones available to the vendor

Upon clicking on a zone, vendors can add, delete, or configure methods:

Vendor shipping methods by zone
Adding a shipping method in the vendor dashboard
Flat rate method and shipping class options

The shop manager can also configure WooCommerce shipping classes, and vendors can then enter special costs for shipping, by class. Vendors can also choose the shipping class of their own products through the product management panel.

Shipping classes allow vendors to add additional (optional) costs for shipping particular items (e.g. very large items, or items that have special shipping conditions).

Shipping in Frontend & Examples

Once a multivendor order is placed, each suborder will carry the shipping method chosen by the user for that specific vendor:

Order confirmation page for an order with multiple shipping methods

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