Enable Product Change Logs for Vendor Products

MarketKing allows you to request manual approval for all changes made by vendors to products on your marketplace. If you enable this, then whenever vendors change a product, you would need to approve it.

After a period of time, when a vendor has gained your trust, you can enable the following setting on the vendor's profile page to allow them to publish products directly:

One issue that may come up is how you can view changes to product titles / descriptions, when a product is modified by a vendor.

A way to do this is to install the following plugin: WP Revision Master

After installing it, go to Settings -> Revision Settings and enable "Products" and set a maximum limit of 10 or 20 products:

When you're editing a product you will then be able to see this revisions box:


Then if you click on Compare, you can see differences in titles and descriptions between versions:


(here the title was changed from "test1" to "test1234")

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