Vendor Products Import & Export

This MarketKing module allows your vendors to add products in bulk via the importer, as well as download customizable CSV lists of their products. All of this is done from the vendor dashboard, without vendors every having access to the site's backend. When the module is active, vendors will see additional buttons for import and export in their dashboard -> products page.

Import and Export buttons

This allows vendors to easily handle large numbers of products, in bulk, in the same way the admin can. The importer and exporter are based on the similar WooCommerce feature and are capable of handling large amounts of data.

Product Exporter

When vendors click on "export", they will be taken to the export products page, where they can export a CSV file of their own products.

"Export Products" panel in the vendor dashboard

Vendors can configure:

  • which columns should be exported (ID, Type, SKU, Name, Description, etc.)
  • which product types should be exported (Simple, Variable, Grouped, etc.)
  • which product category should be exported.
CSV export configuration

Product Importer

The importer allows vendors to add or make changes to a large number of products quickly, in bulk.

When vendors go the import panel, they will be able to upload a CSV or TXT file with their desired data. They can also reimport a file they just exported (and use this method to quickly make changes to their items).

Import from CSV - First Step

Vendors can choose whether to import contents as new products, or import data into existing products. During the next step, vendors can match columns in the CSV file to fields such as ID, Type, SKU, etc.

Second Import Step - Column Mapping

Fields here are filtered based on the vendor's permission. For example if the vendor does not have permission to publish products directly, they will also not be able to choose the "Published" column here.

Third Step - Processing Import
Import Complete Success Message

Here's what the full import process looks like:

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