MarketKing Shortcodes

The plugin comes with the following shortcodes that you can add anywhere in your website:

Registration Form

[marketking_vendor_registration] - It is used by the 'Become a Vendor' page. Please see the following article for details on registration setup:

Stores Page

[marketking_vendors_list] will display the stores list page.

You can also specific a vendor group by referencing the group ID

[marketking_vendors_list group=123]

To get a group ID, go to MarketKing -> Vendor Groups -> and click on a group. The number in the URL (e.g. ?post=123) is the ID.

[marketking_vendors_list category=electronics]

The above uses the Store Category module.

You can also specify vendors by vendor ID (WordPress user ID), for example:

[marketking_vendors_list vendors=4, 8, 14, 25]

Favorite Stores

A page with all the stores a user is following can be displayed by using the [marketking_favorite_stores] shortcode.

You can also display a page with all products of the user's favorite stores with the shortcode [marketking_favorite_stores_products]

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