Admin Backend

The admin / shop manager can control everything in the backend from the MarketKing panels.

First of all, there is an admin dashboard where the admin can view sales, and where new vendor registrations / new messages are shown. All aspects of the shop that require a response will be presented here in this dashboard.

MarketKing Admin Dashboard
New Messages, Pending Products, New Vendor Registrations are all in the Admin Dashboard
Number of items in need of a response (pending vendors, products, messages) are highlighted in the menu

Other panels in the backend are Vendors, Payouts, Modules, Registration, Settings, etc.

The Vendors panel shows all vendors in the site in an easy-to-use, searchable table. New vendors can be added via the "Add New" button, or directly in the user profile of any user.

Vendors Panel in the Admin Dashboard

For each vendor, the admin/shop manager can control settings and permissions in the vendor's profile page. The vendor group can be controlled, as well as profile picture, store name, URL, etc.

Vendor Profile Page in Backend

In the backend, all plugin settings can be managed via MarketKing -> Settings:

MarketKing Settings Page

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