Vendor Store & Product Pages

Each marketplace vendor has their own dedicated store page with their products and vendor information. There is also a general "Stores List" page with all stores in the site. The stores list page can be chosen in MarketKing -> Settings -> Vendors -> Vendor Stores Page.

Stores List Page in the Frontend

After clicking on a specific store, you will see a dedicated page with the store's name, profile picture, banner image, products, and vendor details tab.

Example Store Page
"Vendor Details" tab in Store Frontend

There can be other tabs depending on modules enabled:

Store page with reviews and vendor inquiries modules enabled.

The store contact information is shown in the dedicated "Vendor Details" tab. Each vendor can configure this (and whether they want it public) in their vendor dashboard -> settings -> store information:

Store Information Settings - Show Email / Phone on Store Page Settings
Images Tab in the Vendor Profile Settings Panel
Vendor Dashboard - Profile Settings Panel

Image buttons open up the image uploader tool. Each vendor has access to only their own private library of images.

Vendor Product Page

Each vendor can add and manage their own products through the dedicated vendor dashboard. Each product will show the vendor information in a dedicated "Vendor Details" tab, below the product.

Vendor Details Tab in the Product Page

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