Marketplace Reports & Statistics

MarketKing provides a dedicated reports panel in the admin backend that offers an overview of store performance across time. The plugin tracks 4 key metrics here: total sales, admin commission, number of orders, and new vendors.

Reports panel in the admin backend - performance across several months

The admin can select a specific period with "from" - "to" date inputs, as well as choose to see reports for a specific vendor, or for all vendors (marketplace performance as a whole).

Furthermore, there are 4 "quick select" options: "this month", "last month", "this year", "last year", that allow setting the time period with a single click.

Vendors and time period configuration
List of vendor options

Once the configuration has been set, or changed, the plugin immediately begins calculating the data, and will then render the charts. There are 2 charts being rendered:

  • A top chart, that shows total sales (cyan) and commission (purple)
  • A bottom chart, that shows the number of orders
Top and bottom sales charts

By looking at the 2 charts in parallel, the admin can easily determine for example if an increase in sales is also correlated with an increase in the number of orders.

If a period of time higher than 1 month is chosen, the plugin will display performance by month, as visible in the above images. If the period of time is < 1 month, the plugin will display performance by day, as visible in the next image.

Current month performance - performance is displayed by day

Vendor Reports & Statistics

This article is about the reports available to the site admin / shop manager in the backend. Vendors also have their own earnings reports in their vendor dashboard. Here you can read more about vendor earnings & reports.

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