Wholesale & B2B Marketplace - B2BKing Integration

If you're looking to allow your marketplace vendors to handle B2B / Wholesale customers, MarketKing has the most advanced solution on the market, through its built-in integration with our award-winning B2BKing plugin. This requires the B2BKing to also be purchased and installed separately, as it is a standalone plugin.

B2BKing Product Box

Through this integration, vendors can configure:

  • Wholesale Prices (different prices for different user groups)
  • Tiered Pricing (different prices by quantity purchased)
  • Product Visibility (products visible for only specific users or groups)
  • Coupon Usage (for example a coupon can be made available to B2C users only, excluding B2B users)
  • A custom information table where vendors can add info such as MSRP or estimated delivery time
  • Vendors can receive, and respond to quote requests
  • Vendors can create offers (product bundles) and set special prices for items

Additionally, there is a dynamic rules panel in the vendor dashboard, through which:

  • Vendors can set discounts amounts and percentages
  • `Vendors can set hidden price for certain products
  • Vendors can set fixed price under certain conditions
  • Vendors can set minimum and maximum order rules
  • Vendors can set required multiples (e.g. increments of 5, 6, 20) for purchase

B2BKing also has many other functions for B2B users, such as its business registration feature (separate registration page for business buyers), tax exemptions, wholesale order form, and much more!

Wholesale Prices & Tiered Pricing

Vendors are able to set prices and tiered prices for each B2BKing user group.

Tiered Pricing can automatically generate a tiered pricing table in the product page:

Tiered Pricing Table in the Product Page

Whether this table is displayed or not can be controlled by each vendor, for each product, in the B2BKing tab, through the "Show Tiered Pricing Table" checkbox.

Tiered Table Checkbox

Custom Information Table

Through the custom info table, vendors can add any info they want, directly to the product page, displayed through an information table. This is ideal for things like MSRP or additional product info, but it can be used for anything.

Custom Information Table Configuration in the Vendor Dashboard
Custom Info Table in the frontend, with the Porto theme

B2BKing User Groups

B2BKing customer groups are only controlled by the site admin / shop manager. Only the site management can decide which users should go in which groups (e.g. through B2BKing's manual user approval system for businesses), therefore some communication is needed between admin and vendors to explain the meaning of the groups configured.

Coupon Allowed Usage

Through the "B2BKing allowed options" in the coupon usage restriction tab, vendors can choose who to make coupons available to. This supports multiple options, comma-separated. Available options are: "loggedout", "b2c", "b2b".

Product Visibility Control

For each product, vendors can control who it should be visible to. For example, vendors can have a large pack product they choose to make visible to B2B users only, and also have a different single item product they make visible to B2C users only. Vendors can also enter usernames of specific individual users.

Product Visibility Tab in the Vendor Dashboard

Dynamic Rules

There are 7 types of rules that vendors can configure: discount amounts, discount percentages, hidden price, fixed price, minimum order, maximum order, required multiples.

Rules Page in the Vendor Dashboard
Dynamic Rule Configuration Interface

Examples of what vendors can achieve:

  • Set a "required multiple" of 6 for a product, so that buyers can only purchase quantities such as 6, 12, 18, etc.
  • Set a minimum order quantity of 50 for a specific product. Buyers will not be able to add less than 50 of it to cart.
  • Hide prices on products for logged out users.
  • Offer a 25% discount on certain items for B2B users
  • Use fixed price rules to set specific prices for specific items for specific users

To read more about, and better understand what can be achieved through dynamic rules, please see the dedicated B2BKing plugin page: https://kingsplugins.com/woocommerce-wholesale/b2bking/

You can also read through the dedicated dynamic rules documentation of the B2BKing plugin.

(New!) - Vendors can now also configure min and max order values and quantities for the totality of their products:

Customers would see errors in cart if their order does not meet the min max thresholds:

Quote Requests & Offers

Through B2BKing, B2B buyers (or all buyers) can request quotes for specific products and quantities. When MarketKing is active, each vendor receives these requests and can respond by messaging the user, or by sending them an offer.

B2BKing adds 3 panels to the MarketKing Vendor Dashboard
Vendors receive quote requests in their dashboard

Vendors receive quote requests and can either message the buyer, negotiate, ask questions, or directly make an offer. There is a dedicated offers panel in the dashboard. Offers can be made not just in response to quote requests, but also generally, for promotional reasons. For examples, offers can be used to offer a products bundle at a special price.

Offers panel page in the vendor dashboard

Vendor panel for creating an offer

Once a vendor has submitted an offer, the buyer is notified. They can add the offer to cart from their My Account panel, or print a PDF of the offer.

Message added to the quote conversation
Email sent to the buyer with the offer they received
Offers panel in My Account, where buyers can add offers to cart.

Here you can find more information about:

B2BKing Settings

When using MarketKing together with B2BKing, you will find an additional MarketKing settings tab. Here you can control whether vendors should be able to configure B2BKing visibility, and you can also enable / disable dynamic rules for vendors.

Enabling Feature / Module

Please note that for the integration to work, you must go to MarketKing -> Modules and enable the "Wholesale & B2B - B2BKing Integration" module.

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