Vendor Dashboard

In MarketKing, each vendor has their own dashboard where they can login, manage products, orders, earnings, messages, and much more. You simply choose a page in MarketKing settings and that page becomes the vendor dashboard, with a pre-built design that is stunning and responsive. All with a single click.

One of the biggest advantages of this dashboard is that it is completely separate from the theme, and will look the same regardless of what theme is installed in the site. This ensures MarketKing is compatible with every WordPress theme on the market.

Dashboard Login Page
Main Dashboard Page

The logo (defaults to MarketKing), as well as the color scheme can be easily changed via plugin Settings.

MarketKing Vendor Dashboard Settings

Here are a few screenshots with a green color scheme:

Payouts Page
Vendor Profile Page - Profile Picture & Banner

Here are the vendor's product management, and vendor management interfaces:

Vendor Product Management Dashboard

Vendor Order Management Dashboard
Vendor Order Details Page

Load Tables via AJAX

Vendors can also choose to load this table via AJAX by going to their Settings panel:

AJAX Setting in the profile settings panel

This is only recommended in situations where there are a large number of products and orders, and the site / page is having trouble loading them all. Once a certain number of orders or products is reached, this should be enabled to lower load times and improve performance.

Deep WooCommerce Integration

Features such as vendor product management and coupon management are built through a deep integration with WooCommerce that has significant advantages over standard marketplace plugin designs:

  • Features use native WooCommerce functionality and have all standard Woo options
  • Seamless compatibility with all WooCommerce updates, including immediate compatibility for new item management features.
  • Standardized UI
  • High Performance, as fast or faster than standard Woo backend speed.
Example: MarketKing's coupon management interface has all the powerful options in the native backend coupon interface

Privacy, Security & Files

Each vendor can upload images, documents or files by using the in-built dashboard uploader tool. Vendors always only have access to their own private library of files.

Similarly, vendors do not have access to other products or posts that are not theirs.

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