Product Add-ons / Extra Options

You may be looking to add additional options to products: anything from a text field, to gift wrapping, checkboxes, custom options, etc. You can do this with MarketKing's 'Product Addons' module.

To use this module, you will need one of the compatible plugins for this module. MarketKing is currently integrated with the following product add-ons plugins:

This means that each vendor will have access to the features of these plugins and will be able to configure add-ons for their own products.

To activate this module, go to MarketKing -> Modules and turn on the module

Then each vendor will be able to see product addon options in their vendor dashboard:

For example, the vendor can use this to configure checkboxes for things like gift wrapping or additional items:

Customers can then see these options on the frontend when viewing the product to cart:

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